Shipping a Luxury Car

By | December 2, 2017

Shipping a Luxury Car

Shipping a luxury car is not like shipping any other car. If you have purchased a luxury car, that means that you can afford it, so do not get frugal on car shipment! Believe it or not that is a common occurrence, someone will buy a $225,000 car and haggle to save $150 on their auto shipping cost. Putting it in perspective, if you buy the best car use the best auto shipping.

Car shippers have insurance based on the type of cars they ship, open carrier usually have $250,000 in cargo insurance. If an open carrier had this $225,000 car on their truck, legally their insurance only has room for $25,000 of cargo insurance for all other cars. The average open carrier is 8-10 cars, so someone’s car is not going to be insured. Do you want that to be your brand new luxury car? I didn’t think so. eCarMovers makes sure that your car is transported in an enclosed auto carrier that is required to have a minimum of 1 million in cargo coverage, so in the event there is damage, it is covered by carrier’s policy.

The Best Auto Transport Company

You bought this car because it was the best! You wanted to pull up in style, so do not allow your car to be transported by Sanford & Son to transport your car. The hardest part with the logistical process is conveying that auto transport brokers have a responsibility to place your on the carrier that can deliver your car in the condition that it was picked up in to the customer. Logically at this point if you can afford a luxury car what you will save on the transport is nothing. Coast to Coast luxury car shipping average cost is under $2,000, in trying to save on the shipping cost you are taking away from performance and insurance. Trust me that is not the place you want to save money on! You want your car to be delivered by the best of the best, isn’t that why you bought it?

Luxury Car Dealerships

Reality is that you are buying a luxury car that only a very select few can afford, you are aware of that as is the dealership. What is my point, well ask the dealership to pay to ship your luxury car or at least help with the cost of the car shipment. This is a better solution than trying to save a couple hundred dollars and placing your car in the care of those that may not be qualified to transport exotic cars. Luxury car dealerships do not want you to place your car in harms way that is why they prefer to use eCarMovers. We have shipped every kind of exotic car imaginable and will not allow clients to skimp on their car shipping. Regardless if you are one of the many professional athletes or TV personalities we ship exotic and luxury cars for, we know what is best when it comes to performance deliveries.

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