I Need to Ship My Car

By | February 28, 2017

Needing your car shipped can be a very daunting process, even if you have shipped a car in the past. Online car purchases have made the need for car shipping to expand beyond the current industry ability to facilitate in a timely fashion. Car shipping has to follow state and federal regulations that limit the amount of cargo and operation time, for public safety reasons.

Needing to ship you car usually starts with an online search, that leads you to car shipping quote sites. Car shipping quote site sell your information to 10-12 brokers, (a broker is anyone other than the person that is picking up your car) that email and call you, even months after your car has been shipped. Do not be misled with sales tactics, the Department of Transportation is clear, anyone that dispatches or facilitates work for the actual driver is a BROKER.

After 50,000 successful vehicle deliveries, we can say, if you need to ship your car the only thing that matters is your comfort. eCarMovers provides unbiased information to lead you to the level of comfort that you need.


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