How do small used car lots compete

By | November 20, 2017

You can sell more cars in Florida

If you are going to compete in today’s market you have to be creative. There are thousands of small car lots all throughout Florida, what makes your dealership stand out? Reality is that 80% of cars were sold online this year and with car companies making it so easy to purchase from anywhere, if you are not current with some of the trends you are leaving money on the table.


Online Car Purchases

If you are not listing your cars nationally you are limiting your inventory to your local area. If your business is growing locally, think what you could be doing if you opened up to the 80% of cars that are being sold online. The name of the game is selling cars, if you are not opening up to the entire market, you are leaving money on the table. That is how local dealers are,  not only surviving in a tough economy, they are growing. Those that have taken advantage of the online buying power have placed their inventory in front of the entire nation, making it easier to sell more cars. The days of buyers walking into small car lots is dying fast. Do your car lot a favor and expand digitally!

Comfort Outsells Price

The dynamics of selling cars has changed in the last 5 years and will change even more in the next 5 years. Sells data suggests that if a customer is comfortable the price is no longer the biggest concern. Nothing new there, right? Well if you can get them face to face, I bet you can give them comfort; but they are not coming in the dealership like they once did. However, if they are not walking into your lot, you have to market locally. If locally, why not nationally?

eCarMovers has ships approximately 10,000 cars every year and we ask customer, “What made you select that dealership, was it the car, the price or the dealer?” We found that most cars are being bought from small  dealerships, under 50 cars, and they provided something that separated themselves from the competition.

Providing Shipping

Customers bought because the dealership advertised “in house national shipping”. That one thing allowed the customer the safety in purchasing a car without having to stress about the car transport. If you are going to compete with Carvana and all the other big names, you have to get current and offer similar services.

Having an in house shipper is simply a company that you always use to ship your cars. eCarMovers is more than glad to provide you with any data that can assist you in your car selling ventures. If you sell more, we can transport more. We will gladly give you free car shipping quotes, without all the hassle. We are proud to be Central Florida’s best car shipping company and will keep providing all the information we can to help your business grow.