Easy Way to Ship Car

By | March 2, 2017

Easy Way to Ship Your Car

Is there an easy way to ship your car? Car shipping is a simple process that is made confusing with the endless emails and calls. It begins the moment you enter your car shipping needs into the quote site, that advertised 10 car shipping quotes. They should have warned you that you would receive calls for months after you car has been delivered. This makes selecting a reputable company very difficult.

Car shipping is easy with the right information, however you have to research to see if the information you are given is honest and accurate. It is hard to select a car shipping company with pushy sales personnel, telling you how bad every other company is EXCEPT theirs.

Selecting a Car Shipping Company

How can selecting a car shipping company be easy? Well with all the information that you are getting it can become difficult, especially with auto transport brokers embellishing their service capabilities. There are a couple of things that can separate ethical car shipping companies from the ones that are not.

Unethical Car Shipping Most Used Lies

  • We are not a broker. When in fact 90% of the companies that have called and emailed are BROKERS. If you are not be honest about your federal authority, the chances of the rest of the business going well is greatly reduced.
  • We are BBB accredited. When in fact very few of car shipping brokers are BBB accredited. Accredited companies meet all the industry requirements for car shipping.

Car shipping can be easy if the proper information is provided. Car shipping tips that can lead you to the decision you want based on comfort, not being pushed into a decision. eCarMovers knows it comes down to PRICE and COMFORT. We can not always have the best Price but we can always provide the best COMFORT.

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