Dealer to Dealer Car Shipping

By | February 12, 2017

If you are a dealership that needs to find car shippers for a dealer trade, there are things that you should know before selecting a car shipping company. Not all car shipping companies are the same and with new and used car dealers, the way the car is shipped can be the reason the car sells.

Image result for bmw dealershipsCar Dealers Use the Best Car Shippers

Car dealers use car shippers that understand deliveries areĀ an extension of the dealership the car was picked up from. Car shippers that deliver cars primarily for dealerships, have to hold themselves to a higher standard. Their equipment is up to the industry standards, they are clean and professional, but mostly they have long records of on time deliveries and without damage. Dealerships use the best car shippers for all their car transports, regardless if it is a dealer trade or out of state delivery.

Dealerships have to focus an selling cars! If the wrong car transport company is selected, that can take hours upon hours of precious sales time. Compound that with losing a return customer, one bad delivery will deter future purchases. If you are a dealer and need to ships a car for a customer, select a company with the fastest response time. A good company should be able to provide sales data to assist you with your online car sales.

Sales trends are very essential to grow your online platform. Let’s face it, if you are not selling cars online you are missing out on about half of the market. In fact there is case studies that show, 83% of potential buyers said they would rather purchase online. Dealerships are using car shipping companies that help grow their business in more than just car deliveries. Welcome to the new era of car transport.