5 Steps to Easy Car Shipping

By | February 16, 2017

5 Steps to Easy Car Shipping


5 Steps to easy car shipping for the first time car shipper. We have made a quick video to share information about car shipping, that can save you the hassle or cost of damage repair that can come from selecting a bad car shipping company. 

Check Out This 1 Minute Video before you select a car shipping company

eCarMovers is different than all the other car shipping companies. We have collected data from over 50,000’s successful car shipment to create the best car shipping experience. What we found out about the auto transport industry has to shared to enlighten the consumer about the bad apples that make the good ones look bad.

  • Bad car shipping companies lie when asked if they are a auto transport broker. 87% of car shipping companies are guilty of lying about their legal authority when asked, “Are you a broker?”. The Department of Transportation requires every company to announce that they are a BROKER as it is ethical business.
  • Bad car shipping companies bash other companies in order to make themselves look proficient in car shipping, a practice that does not say, “we are a reputable company”
  • Bad car shipping companies fish the board once you have selected a company you are comfortable selecting. Fishing the board is industry jargon for, calling customers claiming to have a truck in your area. This is an unethical industry practice that good companies do not subscribe to.
  • Bad car shipping companies send extremely low quotes to hook customers. 78% of BBB complaints have one common thread, customer went with the lowest car shipping quote. Prices effect, how and when the car is shipped, quality comes with a higher price in any industry and the opposite of that is the cheapest car shipping company.
  • Bad car shipping companies guarantee dates. Reality is that driving is not an exact science, thus the reason the most prolific delivery system (US  Postal) provides windows of pick up and delivery; due to weather and unforeseen circumstances. Your pickup and delivery dates should follow similar windows 2-3 days of target dates, plan accordingly.

eCarMovers leads the industry in innovating ways to better customer experience and weed out the bad car shippers. So, customers can find comfort in the car shipping company they allow to ship their car.